We convert biomass waste into high-temperature biochar, wood vinegar, and bio-oil.

We produce high quality biochar, wood vinegar, and pyrolytic oil (bio-oil) through biomass gasification technology, using a wide range of feedstocks, for applications in soil as well as industrial applications.

What We Do

Carbon Plus works to remove atmospheric carbon through the production and application of Biochar (recognized by the IPCC as a Negative Emission Technology and listed as one of Project Drawdown’s solutions), Wood Vinegar, and Pyrolytic Oil.


Biochar is recognized as a Negative Emissions Technology (NET) by the IPCC and is versatile in its application, ranging from agricultural to industrial uses.

Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar is a byproduct of the biochar production process, when wood waste is used as a feedstock. Wood vinegar improves soil quality, eliminates pests, and accelerates root growth, among other things.

Pyrolytic Oil

Pyrolytic oil or bio-oil, which is a byproduct of the biochar production process, can be used as a fossil fuel substitute.

Work with us

Join us in the fight against climate change. Let’s work together to promote carbon drawdown.

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